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July 14, 2012
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Religion is bad. 2.0 by AAtheist Religion is bad. 2.0 by AAtheist
I have literally just done a picture of this quote, but I think it works better like this.

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Almost all religions believe in tolerance and to be a good samaritan or to give and help the poor. Sone people just use religion for their own selfish needs. Sone crusaders were fighting to protect their land from muslims and vice-versa. Its not religions fault others took that opportunity to steal money and to gain more land.
Religion by its very nature makes people think they have the correct way of living, it makes people believe that everybody else should believe as they do. If you are a Christian, and you believe that people who do not believe in Christ are going to hell, how could you possibly live with yourself if you didn't do everything in your power to make others believe as you do. They MUST believe in Christ, otherwise they will be tortured for all eternity. It does not matter what you do to them, it cannot possibly be worse than hell, and if you manage to get them into heaven then everything you did would be worth it.

Further, while all religions preach tolerance, very few actually practice it. And of those that do, they get diluted and destroyed within just a couple of generations. A religion that actually practices tolerance simply does not survive very long.

There are of course a few exceptions, Jainism being one, Buddhism occasionally being another, but even in these "tolerant" religions, you have problems. Jainism flourishes through teaching falsehoods as facts, they actively attempt to divert research from things that may prove them wrong and counterfeit results trying to prove their teachings correct. They do this so well that people have managed to starve themselves to death thinking that they can survive on nothing but sunlight.

Buddhism has even worse a history for "tolerance", so much so that the Stuka dive bombers of world war two were Shinto Buddhists, the Dahlia Lama lama is part of a long standing regime that oppressed the peasants and poor people of his country, making a caste based society with a very privileged few and many many people living in poverty and squalor. A "servant" class.

As for Christians, from which the good Samaritan story actually came from, I need only remind you of the Inquisition to make you aware of just how bad their history of "tolerance" really is.
Actually religion is just a very practical scapegoat, all of mankind's misery comes form their own selfishness and corruption regardless of what they believe.
While I agree that selfishness and corruption have created many problems, they do not come anywhere close to the scale of religion. Religion is used to control the way people think. Worse it makes people think that they have to make others think in the same manner. Do you really think that it is just corruption and selfishness that has made every problem that could be blamed on religion? 
Then you haven't thought your position through and there is no point in debating with you.
That is right, All Religion is very very very BAD!!! Religion is responsible for all wars.
Zucca-Xerfantes Aug 29, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Yeah, and Maddie O'Hare caused more misery to the FFRF than any other single religion has.

Oh wait... I guess you didn't know how she died, having been buried (And reduced, as she so charmingly put it, to worm chow) with the son who joined her in embezzling from the FFRF.

Too bad she didn't have any kind of moral compass.

The best part of the story?

Her disowned son is a born-again Christian and is alive, well and happy. :troll:
What gives you the impression she embezzled money from them? Actually all evidence shows she was kidnapped and forced to pay her kidnapper before she was murdered, along with her son and granddaughter. In fact in 2001 David waters led police to where he had buried her. She and her family were so badly mutilated that they had to identify them from dental records. 

As for her disowned son, he most certainly is NOT a Christian, he does believe in a god yes, but he keeps his own personal faith very quite and refuses to affiliate himself with any form of organised religion.

I agree that she was not a paragon of virtue, with many faults and problems. She had definite psychological problems and enjoyed the spotlight. However It in no way alters what she accomplished, or the veracity of her statement.

If you insist on every person of influence being a moral giant, then I am afraid you are going to be very short of anybody to look up to. 
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